Madagascar is a fascinating and unique experience. We do not have upmarket hotels nor luxury tented camps but we have a beautiful country with friendly people, unique biodiversity,and landscapes.
Great Island Adventure Safaris makes your trip unforgettable. We have specially crafted a selection of customized tours which suit your personnal requirements, interests, all budgets, group age and preferred destination
and levels of experience from easy to the most adventurous. It can be planned from 5days to 1month.
Our tours cater for individuals, families and small groups in order to ensure a personalized quality sevice ; and featured by wildlife, adventure trips,pristine beaches, underwater coral life, cultural heritage site and photography.
Travelling with us, you would enjoy high comfort travel, reasonable tour packages, a selection of hotels, quality services.
Our tours are conducted by dedicated and knowledgeable Malagasy tour guides


We provide tour packages and tailor-made tours suitable for your chosen route and all your preferred destinations, needs, interest, budget and aptitude from easy to the most adventurous.
We organize for you a wide variety of tours which can be planned for 1 week or for up to 1 month.


Those tours are just samples, we can craft tour which meet your interests and requirements.
Just let us know what is your interests, the duration of your trips and we work on your tour right away.


In Madagascar we just have bush camping , the vast majority of the countryside are remote , no electricity nor running water.
We refill containers with water, in wild places , we use stream to supply water and add somewater purification.
Camping and adventure trips like trekking,river trips required bush camping, and it's for people who like adventure.


Travelling in Madagascar is like an adventure; flight schedules can sometimes change. And some places are remote, so keep cool; it’s part of the fun to deal calmly with the problems that pop up. Your escort guide makes every effort to ensure that everything runs safely and enjoyably. But those who truly want to enjoy Madagascar should be flexible.


Madagascar is a land of the sun and gets sunshine almost all year round with high temperatures averaging 25° Celsius. It has two distinct seasons a hot, rainy season from November to April and a cold, dry season from May to October. So on December it will be very hot mostly in the western and southern part of the country (37 °Celsius or so). Because it is on rainy reason it will rain particularly in the eastern and central part but sometimes in the western and southern regions. But November and December is the ideal period for wildlife.


  • - Flashlight
  • - Hiking boots
  • - Rain jacket and small umbrella (to cover your camera)
  • - Sweaters jumpers when out of outdoors evening
  • - First aid kit and insect repellent
  • - Binoculars
  • - Hat
  • - Sun protection cream
  • - Sun glasses
  • - Extra films and spare batteries
  • - Water bottle
  • - Plastic bag (to cover your camera in case it rains)
  • - Anti-malaria and anti-diarrhea drugs


  • - You must be in possession of a valid passport and tourist visa .Visa can be obtained upon arrival in Antananarivo airport
  • - Travel insurance is recommended


Cash currency is the best option to carry. And the EURO currency is highly recommended, because the Madagascar money is based on euro.
In addition, old bills and $100 bills neither small note like $1 and $5 are not always accepted.
The only spending money you need is for your beverage, souvenirs, gratuities, optional excursions and personal expenses.
Traveler’s checks can be changed at banks and major hotels in large towns.
Credit cards are used in a few places.
ATM machines are not available except in few city centers.
The exchange rate is fluctuating frequently according to the Euros so approximately 1€= 3000 Ariary and more.
Please notify us of any dietary problems.

Salary reef
Manambolo river
Nosy Saba swimming pool
Tsingy bemaraha

Toliara 250km Reef

Manambolo river

Swimming pool

Indri weighing about 8kilograms,is the largest living lemur

Tsingy bemaraha