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Unique Madagascar, expertly delivered....
My partner and I have just finished a three week birding and wildlife vacation in Madagascar organized and accompanied by Bakoly Razanamiarantsoa, the manager and owner of Great Island Adventure Safaris. Every element of our visit exceeded our expectations and was expertly scheduled and organized throughout.
If you plan on visiting Madagascar, you won't find a more charming, hardworking, tour leader. Our highest recommendation".
From the moment we first contacted GIAS one year ago, Bakoly provided options and recommendations, and clear and regular communication. She worked very hard throughout our tour to ensure that every detail was attended to, and made the difference between a good trip and an excellent one. When Air Madagascar cancelled one of our flights, Bakoly immediately arranged alternatives using her experience, contacts, and professionalism to ensure that our trip was not disrupted any further.
Bakoly has an immense knowledge of the birds, wildlife, culture, and general details of Madagascar and her excellent and convivial company was like traveling with a good friend. She organized the most knowledgeable local guides in the National parks, the nicest hotels and restaurants, the best drivers, and the trip was memorable in every way. We managed to see every bird, Lemur, craft artisan, and travel experience that was available to us - over 180 species of birds and 25 Lemur species.
If you want value and an intimate tour Madagascar’s treasures, Bakoly’s Great Island Adventure Safaris Is a fantastic option.
Simon Lane
New Jersey, USA
September 2018

“A one woman show that never stopped
This letter is in regard to a trip to Madagascar in late August/early September of 2016. From the initial meeting of the two of us until we were dropped off for our return flight to South Africa, Bakoly was a total professional. All the trip details were carried out in a seamless manner and with her terrific smile and great sense of humor always in evidence. Every step we took, and there were many, she took. Those long days for us were even longer for her.....preparation for the next day,making sure the meals were up to her standards, the list goes on. All these extra steps took place after very long days in the field, a one woman show that never stopped! I can't recall any one item that went lacking.I'd have no hesitation in recommending her company to anyone.She made a special stop one day to pick up medicine for the third person in our group who was suffering from digestive issues....no questions about "would you like me to find medicine?", no, she just called her sister, a doctor, and fetched the cure! One of many small things that were handled with a smile. We saw most of the birds and mammals that we hoped to see. The guides she selected were the best available. Everyone knew her and came up to chat at each place we visited. Another reason we use local tour companies.They were as impressed by her work ethic as we were!
If you plan on visiting Madagascar, you won't find a more charming, hardworking, tour leader. Our highest recommendation".
Hugh and Angie Tyner
Atlanta, GA, USA

“Early in 2015, we solicited proposals for a 4 person private 20 day birding tour of “Madagascar. We selected GIAS on the basis of Bakoly's timely responses, her suggestions to improve the itinerary and a very competitive price.Overall, our tour went very smoothly (given the whims of Air Madagascar). We saw a great selection of birds(~180 species), over 25 species of lemurs and many chameleons and other interesting critters.
Bakoly accompanied us on the tour and nicely supplemented the local guides, particularly with her knowledge of mammals and reptiles.
The local guides that Bakoly used knew the birds and where to find them. Over the years,the guides have been reinforced to focus on key birds and will do so to the exclusion of other birds unless given some guidance as to your preferences (particular regarding the use of recordings). and leading our small group“.
Accommodation was comfortable (higher end was available in some locations but not required) and the food was tasty.
Clean restaurants was a priority with Bakoly and we did not miss any birding due to food issues. Madagascar is a great place to visit and Bakoly did a wonderful job of setting up.
Calgary, CANADA

“For my birding trip to Madagascar, I considered a number of tour companies,both international and local,and decided to use Great Island Adventure Safaris run by Bakoly Razanamiarantsoa. Bakoly had come highly recommended by Roger McGovern, from Sydney, who had done a trip with her in 2007.The trip organisation was excellent and Bakoly was good company too. Having been involved with organising and guiding birding tours for international birding companies such as Rockjumper, Bakoly had plenty of experience and also knew the best local guides to use at the various national parks“.
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“This is a report on a trip to Madagascar by Richard and Emer Rae. I will make it clear at this point that this was not a comprehensive birding tour
- this was actually our honeymoon and, while Emer is as supportive a partner as a birder could ever wish for,there is no way that our honeymoon was going to be a 3 week clean-up birding trip! All of the other arrangements for our trip, except our hotel on Nosy Be, were made by Bakoly Razanamiarantsoa, who put together a bespoke itinerary based on my requirements, and also accompanied us (except on Nosy Be).
Bakoly runs a company called Great Island Adventure Safaris -.gias-madagascar . Pretty much everything went like clockwork and I can very highly recommend Bakoly to anyone planning a birding or more general trip to Madagascar (she is familiar with all sites regularly visited by birders and which is absolutely key unless you have loads of time - she also has recordings for most species - as well as being a very nice person!).
Bakoly had booked local guides in advance for Perinet-Mantadia and Ampijoroaé“

“If you’d like to go somewhere that’s somewhat off the beaten track, is amazingly inexpensive, has great beauty, and has a wide variety of experiences available
– from resorts to hiking,to canoeing,to exploring native cultures – Madagascar is one of the best places to visit on our planet.
And when we visited there, we also had the good fortune to have Bakoly as our guide.We like to hike; she knows the trails. We like to visit with local artisans;
she knows where they are … places we’d never have found on our own.And when we bumped into what seemed like a nice French restaurant on one of our hikes,Bakoly changed our itinerary,
made reservations, and we enjoyed an amazing meal – the food, the ambience,and the service – for less than $20 for the two of us … with generous tip.
Bakoly is one of the most spontaneous and responsive guides we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
Just tell her your interests and let her create a tailored itinerary for you.Afterwards, you’ll write a note like this, too. “

“Our trip begun on the second day of October when we arrived in Tana from South Africa.Along with my birding companion, Bob Beckler, we met our tour leader Bakoly Razanamiarantsoa,owner of
Great Island Adventure Safaris ‘http://www.gias-madagascar.com, email bakoly@gias-madagascar.com. Bakoly, a young Malagasy citizen, lives in Tana, is a birder and a very knowledgeable naturalist and guide.
She knows her country well! Before leaving California we had decided on our birding destinations.Bakoly organized and coordinated on our self-designed tour,sampling various Madagascar habitats.
She efficiently made arrangements using the best local guides (whom she knows personally) and she accompanied us along with our driver“.
California, USA

“ Consequently, we had to choose between making the trip in September or December in order to be assured of good guides and lodgings and, even then with our late start, some of the better accommodations were already fully booked. With the stormy wet season commencing in December, we opted to go in September albeit in the knowledge that some species would not yet be on territory at that time and would therefore be much harder to find.In the event, Bakoly did a magnificent job of organising accommodation, local bird guides,drivers and internal airline flights and she proved to be a great travelling companion throughout the trip providing a wealth of information about Malagasy customs and culture as well as all the local flora and fauna.
We would strongly recommend her to anyone contemplating an independent visit to Madagascar and she is equally at home with mammals as with birds, and with wilderness trekking/camping as with more comfortable forms of travel. Her e-mail contact is bakolyraz.gias@gmail.com and
her website can be found at www.gias-madagascar.com.“