This journey takes you to the remote areas of the northern Madagascar, and dry to the dry southern region of Madagascar, while variety of succulent plant can be seen.
Succulents grow on a dry sandy soil and rocky areas like Tsingy. We will make an expedition to Tsingy of Ankarana which thrive on succulents, then going to the south to Isalo and Ifaty spiny forest ,Sarondrano, La Table scrub forest.
Madagascar is too large to visit, we can combine to this tour, the western region and add Morondava to view one additional Baobab species, the Adansonia grandidieri.
During your tour, you will be accompanied by Pierre Jules Rakotomalaza ,a scientist and naturalist guide, an expert who graduated on succulent plants, with lots of experience in the fieds.


  • Tour cost based on the number of the persons
  • Accommodation on full board basis in double or twin rooms
  • Accommodation:3*or4*hotels, middle range in Ankarana and Ankify
  • 03 domestic flights:Antananarivo-Antseranana (round trip) and Toliara-Antananarivo
  • Excluding international flights
  • Tips and gratuities are not included in the rates
  • Group size: max 8
  • Tour cost should be paid in EURO because the hotel tariffs and Malagasy money are based in Euro


    03 domestic flights

    Day 1: Arrival
    Arrival, meet and greet at Ivato airport and transfer to the hotel located in Antananarivo capital city.
    Dinner and overnight at CARLTON HOTEL(4*) or TAMBOHO HOTEL(3*)
    Day 2: Fly to ANTSERANANA (Diego Suarez)- Drive to Ankarana
    Transfer to Ivato airport for our flight to Antseranana which lies at the northernmost tip of Madagascar. Upon arrival,drive to Ankarana
    Dinner and overnight at Ankarana Lodge(2*)
    Day 3: Drive to Ankarana Special Reserve
    After breakfast we’ll have a full day visit of Tsingy of Ankarana National Park, particularly to Mahamasina, the eastern part of Ankarana Special Reserve. The Tsingy with its unusual geological structure is unique on earth and it is the result of the eroded karst mountain range which is a remnant of a coral reef system laid down 250 million years ago.
    Several species of succulents such as Adenia, Cyphostemma, Euphorbia, Pachhypodium and many more grows on the limestone pinnacles surface, and inside.
    We’ll have a night walk in searcho f nocturnal lemurs such as Grey Mouse lemur, Dwarf lemur, chameleons and big headed geckos…
    Accommodation on full board at ANKARANA LODGE
    Full day exploration of the park, while we visit Tsingy Rary and its rope bridge. We will search for Crowned Lemur, and Sanford's Brown Lemur.
    Accommodation on full board at ANKARANA LODGE
    Half day exploration of the park,we go to different places,to look for other species of succulents.
    If time allows, we we’ll visit the “Bat cave” which inhabits some colonies of fruit bats, and look for Crowned Lemur and Sanford's Brown Lemur.
    afternoon visit of the hotel rocky forest to look.Several Adenia and Cyphostemma grow on this limestone pinnacle range. Accommodation on full board at Ankarana Lodge
    Day 6:Drive back to Antseranana-Fly to Antananarivo
    Upon arrival transfer to your hotel.
    Accommodation on full board at CARLTON HOTEL(4*) or TAMBOHO HOTEL(3*)
    Day 7: Drive to Fianarantsoa
    Full day drive to Fianaranatsoa. We'll have lunch on route. Accommodation on full board at ZOMATEL (3*)
    Day 8: Drive to Isalo
    Morning departure to Isalo via Ambalavao renowned for its handmade Antemoro paper fabric. The paper is created using ancient methods is a cultural heritage from early Arabic settlers.
    Visit of ANJA Forest to view Ring-Tailed Lemur, and partcularly in search of nw species of succulents. Several sepcies of Euphorbia, Kalanchoe napoleonensis grow on Anja granite rock. After lunch, we'll continue our journey to the south, ans serach for Pachipodium horombese, and Euphorbia primulaefolia which grow on the rocks.
    Then cross an immense “no man`s land “desolate savannahs with sparse of villages.
    Accommodation on half board at RELAIS DE LA REINE (3*)
    Day 9:Isalo National Park
    Full day trek in the spectacular eroded Jurassic sandstone massif of ISALO National Park featured by variety of ruinform sceneries, canyons and natural pools.Those canyons give refuge for Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Verreaux1s Sifaka and Brown Lemur.
    Some weird plants are clanged on the cliffs such as Pachypodium rosulatum rosulatum Aloe, Kalalchoe ...
    Accommodation on half board at RELAIS DE LA REINE (3*)
    Day 10:Isalo
    Full day rocky sandstone hill near the Relais de la Reine hotel
    Accommodation on full board at RELAIS DE LA REINE (3*)
    Day 11: Drive to Ifaty
    Heading southwest to Ifaty which is characterised by a sub-desert region, with dunes, thorny vegetation and unspoilt white sandy beach. we'll visit ZOMBITSE NATIONAL PARK, to view the Baobab madagascariensis, Pachypodium, Kalanchoe, Aloe vahombe, Uncarinia dacayrii...
    Accommodation on full board a LA MIRA beach front hotel (3*)
    Full day exploration of Ifaty spiny forest which consists of the indigenous Didierae plant, Euphorbias, giant Pachypodium sp and two varieties of baobabs (Adansonia za, Adansonia fony).
    Ifaty is an excellent bird watching site with some indigenous birds.
    Accommodation on full board at LA MIRA HOTEL (3*)
    Day 13: Drive back to Toliara
    After breakfast drive to La TABLE scrub forest to look for several species of succulent and dwarf plants.
    Afternoon visit of Sarondrano spiny forest which thrive in Moringa trees or false baobab, several species euphorbias can be seen there.
    Accommodation on full board at SERENA
    Day 14 Fly back to Antananarivo
    Drive to the airport for our flight to Antananarivo. We’ll have a farewell dinner at VILLA VANILLE restaurant
    Overnight at CARLTON HOTEL (4*) or TAMBOHO HOTEL (3*)
    Day 15: Departure
    You will be transferred to the airport for your return flight.


    This new discovery is not a succulent but a Lamiacea family ,we would like to present to you this new species of Clerodendrum (Lamiacea),which was discovered by Marie Helene Kam Hyo, a Malagasy lady,in her garden (Macolline) in Antalaha, in 2002.
    The Malagasy Clerodendrum is named after Marie Helene Kam Hyo, and called CLERODENDRUM kamhyoae in 2012, it is also called Lamariée(the bride).

    Some stands of Lamariée has been seen at Bobangira private forest near Sambava. Explore with us the best of northern Madagascar flora.

    Join us on our botany tour, Mrs Marie Helene welcomes you to her garden in Antalaha ,and give you more information about this new species of Malagasy Clerodendrum.


      • In remote places like ANKARANA ,there is NO ELECTRICAL POWER.
        Generator runs only from 06PM to 10 PM and from 7AM to 9AM
      • Madagascar is a French speaking country, an English speaking tour guide is recommended if you don’t speak French


      • Visit of Ankarana Special Reserve
      • Visit of Anja forest
      • Visit of Zombitse National Park
      • Visit of Ifaty forest
      • Visit of La Table Scrub forest
      • Visit of Sarondrano spiny forest


      • Accommodation:14nights in Good or Middle range
      • Meals: 3meals a day
      • Two(02) domestic flights
      • Transfers and ground transport
      • All excursions mentioned above and entrance park fees
      • Service of English speaking guide throughout the tour
      • Service of all park guides for above mentioned reserves
      • Luggage handling at airports
      • One mineral water each day


      • International airfare to Madagascar
      • Travel insurance and taxes
      • Passport and visa fees
      • Beverages
      • Tips and gratuities
      • Optional excursions
      • Luggage handling fee at the hotels

    The odd Cyphostemma ankaranense, can be seen in Ankarana Special Reserve

    Euphorbias ankaranense thrive on the Tsingy of Ankarana

    Pachypodium rosulatum rosulatum is confined in Isalo rocky region

    This baobab(Adansonia fony) like bottle grows on a sandy clayey soil

    One of giant species of Pachypodium

    The Didiera plant family characcterized the arid south

    Lamariée or the Malagasy Clerodendrum

    This Lamariée also grows at Bobangira private forest