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Madagascar has a rich birdlife. Most of iots endemic species are related to its habitat and territories, that's why they are confined in a specific habitat.
Sakalava rail and Madagascar Pochard are very shy birds, they don't like disturbance and live in a remote wetland areas far from human activity.
While Madagascar Red Owl and Helmet Vanga prefer deep forest.


The northern Madagascar is very in cash crops such as vanilla, coconut, cocoa, pepper...Nowadays , they open their door to visitors who is interested in the processing of thos agricultural products.
We invite you to experience this new product which is very fascinating. After the visit plantation, you will taste a lunch prepared with vanilla.
The coconut factory show you from the beginning to till the end of Coconut oil processing. You can buy your genuine coconut oil and some craft made of coconut hask, leaves and trunk.
The cocoa is just a plantation, while they have varieties of cocoa species.


Madagascar has an array of butterfly and moth species, many species are unique to the island,and are not recorded yet.
Here on the picture are a sample of butterflies we saw during our October butterfly tour.
From left to right: Top left: Acraea Sakalava
Top right: Madagascar Leopard
Bottom left: Madagascar Forest Nymphs
Bottom right: Malagasy White Lady

Madagascar 4 rarest bird species
Malagasy flavour
Malagasy butterflies

Madagascar 4 rarest bird species

Madagascar is the world largest Vanilla producer

Malagasy flavour

Malagasy butterflies