land of ancestors, a sacred world

Immerse yourself in Malagasy amazing cultural experience!
This 6day cultural tour takes you to the Rovan'Ambohimanga and Zafimaniry traditional village. Ambohimanga World Heritage Site reveals the extraordinary history of Merina kingdom and civilization. While the Zafimaniry villages, which are located in the southern part of the Central Highlands, have preserved the impressive mobile house architecture , featured by typical Zafimaniry carved windows and doors.

Here below are sample of fascinating traditional events and funerary arts.

Madagascar is a traditional country, while people are firmly attached to their origins and tradition belief. Events related to their ancestors are considered as sacred, such as burial places and tombs. Moreover, each ethnic group (18) distributed in different regions has his own ritual ceremonies, house and tomb architecture, and funerary art.

So, let us know the duration of your stay and we will craft a special cultural tour for you including visit of craft people (basket working, weaving, handmade paper, wood carving...)

  • - “Famadihana” or exhumation ceremony of the Merina people from the central highlands. It held every year from July to September
  • - “Sambatra” or Collective boy circumcision ceremony of Antambahoaka people which is helf every 7 years
  • - “Fitampoha” or bathing relic ceremony of, Sakalava people which is held every 7years
  • - Encounter with Mikea people, Madagascar bushmen
  • - "Aloalo" are sculpted wooden posts which decorate the "Mahafaly"tombs
  • - The beautiful "Antemoro" handmade paper

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Day 1: Arrival
Arrival, meet and greet at Ivato airport and transfer to the hotel located in Antananarivo capital city.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel
Day 2: Visit of Rovan'Ambohimanga World Heritage Site
Morning visit of Rovan'Ambohimanga which lies 24km of Antananarivo, located on one of the Antananarivo 12 sacred hills.This ancient royal fortification village dating back to 18th century, is the cradle of Merina Kingdom and Madagascar Nation.
The Rovan'Ambohimanga compound contains "Mahandrihono" one storey tall wooden cottage of the great King Andrianampoinimerina who ruled in Antananarivo from 1790-1810, and the European style wooden house with balconies built by French architect Jean Laborde, for the successive three last queens, pools, ...
Afternoon sightseeing tour, and visit of some historical sites including the old Prime minister palace, Manjakamiadana or Queen's Palace.
Accommodation on full board at the hotel.
Day 3: Drive to Ambositra
Morning departure and stop for lunch in Antsirabe spa town.
Afternoon drive to Ambositra, visit of some wood carving workshop and curio shops.
Accommodation at the hotel(B,L,D)
Day 4: Drive to Antoetra, visit of Zafimaniry village
Drive to Antoetra and walk to one of the surrounding Zafimaniry village.
Zafimaniry ethnic group has a special skill on wood carving and their mobile wooden house are featured with fine sculpted wooden door and windows.
Return to Ambositra.
Accommodation at the hotel (B,L,D)
Day 5: Drive back to Antananarivo
Accommodation on half board at the hotel
Day 6: Departure
You will be transferred to the airport for your return flight.


"Mahandrihono" a replica of Andrianampoinimerina royal cottage dating back to the 18th century


Ambatomitsangana flatstone disc, is one the Rovan'Ambohimanga's 7gateways

Zafimaniry people preserve the traditional Malagasy carving design

The door and windows of Zafimaniry cottages are featured by geometric carving

Tafoforona or bellows

Bellows are introduced by the Indonesian first settlers

Antemoro handmade paper

Antemoro paper is an ancient Arabic inheritance