Salama!This warmth greeting welcomes you by Malagasy friendly people as soon as you set foot on Madagascar soil .And you will be amazed to hear this “word” while you encounter the local people in every places you visit throughout the island.


Explore Madagascar‘s unique wildlife, cultural diversity and contrasting landscapes with Great Island Adventure Safaris. With our wide range of travel experience, we have the firsthand knowledge to make your holiday memorable. We carefully design a unique trip, and take you to the real heart of the country, while you discover a life-enriching experience.

Discover with us the “real Madagascar” from every angle, while you have an opportunity to embrace the authentic Malagasy culture and way of life, not like those describe on the guide book.


If you are looking for Madagascar expert,Great Island Adventure Safaris (GIAS) is right for you. We have unrivalled experience at crafting a memorable holiday which meet your hopes and expectations. Our in-depth knowledge of Madagascar natural history, and wide-ranging experiences in the fields allow us to design for you and for your customers the best quality products and services.

Great Island Adventure Safaris is a privately owned inbound tour company based in Antananarivo,Madagascar and founded by BAKOLY Razanamiarantsoa. She has spent 16 years in the tourism industry as a Malagasy naturalist tour guide specializing in bird watching,wildlife watching,trekking, canoeing and “off-the beaten-track” adventure safaris before starting up her company in 2011. Great Island Adventure Safaris has been operating for the past 6 years, building up a client based of referral and becomes the leader for new hotspot birding tours which are located in remote and wild places (Lake Kinkony, Mandrozo, Bemanevika, Ampitsopitsoka…)

For those who want to see Madagascar rarest birds, let us plan your trip, we will give you the opportunity to explore those rewarding bird hotspots.

We are a small tour company but our enthusiastic Malagasy team is dedicated to provide you personalized quality services and value for money trip, Great Island Adventure Safaris has been awarded in the category of “Gold” by the World Quality Commitment award in 2016. 2016.wqc.jpg

We have passion for Malagasy culture and wildlife, and committed to preserve the culture and environment.


Whether you require for travel comfort and peaceful relaxation, eco-tourism or adventure safaris; we design tailor-made and customized tours that have been crafted with care and great attention to details, to individuals, families and small groups as per client’s need, budget and cater for all age group.
We strive to provide you a unique and memorable journey, in order to provide you a great care and the best personalized services, we like to keep our groups small (maximum 10 persons).

With our decades of travel experiences and extensive knowledge of natural history, we design for you an array of tours throughout Madagascar and select new destinations in the most remote wild areas and hotspots including: read more ...
• Adventure and off the beaten track tours
• Beach holidays and Diving
• Bird watching
• Canoeing and river boat trip
• Cultural tour
• Honeymoon holidays
• Land of contrasts
• Lemur watching
• Overland and bush camping
• Photography tour
• Trekking and bush camping
• Whale watching
• Wildlife watching

We organize also accommodation, domestic flight, transfers and day tours.

To ensure you to get the perfect experience, our tours are conducted by passionate and knowledgeable Malagasy tour guides who take great care of you and share their rewarding experience with you.

We choose the best park guides in all National Parks and Nature Reserves we visited.

We select for you the best accommodations which meet your requirements
The offer of luxury trips is very limited, because of lack of upmarket hotels. Most fo the 4stars and 5 stars accommodations are confined in a resort regions of the northern Madagascar. So luxury trips are confined only in certain areas. read more ...
Because of lack of 4stars and 5 stars hotels,in general we classify tours in 2or 3 categories with 2 or 3 different rates
• Very good accommodations with 4 and 5 star hotels
• Good accommodations with 3stars and 4stars hotels
• Middle and basic hotels with 2 stars hotels and basic
Sometimes, we combine all types of the accommodation in one tour

Let us know about your interest, budget, the duration of your journey and we craft a selected holiday which suits your requirement.

Whether you are looking for adventure, wildlife, cultural tours, family tours, honeymoon and beach holidays Madagascar is the right country for you.


Madagascar has much to offer to nature lovers, adventurers, beach holidaymakers, honeymooners and photographers, with its unique biodiversity (80% found nowhere else), diverse cultural heritages, contrasting landscapes, breathtaking rock formation, and 5000km unspoiled beaches.

Why Madagascar wildlife is so unique?
Madagascar is located only about 400km from the eastern coast of Africa but it has a unique striking biodiversity. Unlike Africa mainland, large mammals and venomous land snakes are absent in this land of “miniatures” featured by its primitive and small sized wildlife.
The uniqueness of Madagascar wildlife is the result of its prolonged isolation from Africa continent following the break-up of Gondwanaland around 165 million years ago. The island wildlife evolved on its own.

Come and explore this “Living Laboratory”
Madagascar is one of the world’s most fascinating biodiversity while 80% of its fauna and flora are found nowhere else including all of the Lemurs, all of the indigenous mammals, 95% of its reptile (chameleons, geckos, snakes..), amphibian(frogs) species, half of its 260 bird species . The remaining forest has a high rate of endemism, which represents 80% of its 12 000 plant species (7baobab species, more than 1000 orchid species) of which 75% are used in herbal medicine and pharmacology.

The vast majority of native animals are forest dwelling and they can be seen only in an original forest ranging from spiny forest, dry deciduous forest to rainforest. Because of severe deforestation and climate change they are under pressure. So the 50 National Parks and Nature Reserves are a “must-see” to view Madagascar animals and plant life.

Let us take you to the heart of natural wilderness

We design for you an authentic adventure trip ranging from easy to most adventurous in wild places, while you have the opportunity to experience a real adventure and encounter with the Malagasy people who share with you its way of life and culture. Challenge yourself and choose which one suits you
• 3 day trekking inside the National Parks
• 6 to 10 day adventure trekking and basic bush camping
• 1 to 5day canoeing safaris and bush camping
• 2 to 3 day river boat trip (barge)

Enjoy Malagasy culture, picturesque village, landscapes
and remote beaches

• The country offers a wide varieties of landscapes from picturesque villages and immense terraced rice-paddies, desolate grassland, breathtaking geological rock formations (Isalo, Tsingy) to 5000 km untouched beaches and 250km reef with some coral islets. Let us know what is your interest and we design your tour

• If you are fascinated by Malagasy culture we invite to attend one of those samples of tours. The Malagasy people are from mixed ancestry, they are attached to their Asian, African and Arabic inheritance and each ethnic group (18) handle his own culture and ceremonies according to the region and tribe they come from.
Here are a sample of Malagasy traditions: read more. - “Famadihana” or exhumation ceremony is one of the most important traditional ceremony of the Merina people from the central highlands, it’s an inheritance from Indonesian culture. It held every year from July to September

- “Sambatra” or Collective boy circumcision ceremony held every 7 years by Antambahoaka people of the South-east, a cultural heritage from their Arabic ancestors.

- “Fitampoha” or bathing relic ceremony , the most important event for Sakalava people of the western region, it held every 7 years


Travel with us with difference, we are expert on Madagascar tours and offer you:
• Quality tour packages
• New destinations
• Best wildlife viewing
• Authentic encounter with local people
• Quality services in a way you will “feel like home”
• Best value for money trips


We are renowned to have a personalized touch which all of our customers attest. Below are some feedbacks from past clients. read more ...
“A one woman show that never stopped This letter is in regard to a trip to Madagascar in late August/early September of 2016.
From the initial meeting of the two of us until we were dropped off for our return flight to South Africa,
Bakoly was a total professional. All the trip details were carried out in a seamless manner
and with her terrific smile and great sense of humor always in evidence. Every step we took, and there were many, she took. Those long days for us were even longer for her.....preparation for the next day,
making sure the meals were up to her standards, the list goes on. All these extra steps took place
after very long days in the field, a one woman show that never stopped! ( read more )

Makay wilderness Trekking

Porters during Makay expeditions

Birding in a wetland

Start your Madagascar adventure now

Great Island Adventure Safaris makes your holiday unforgettable.We offer you a lifetime Madagascar experience.
Our tours can be planned from 5days to one month and suit for all budget.

Here are some samples of tours

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Authentic adventure journey

Bird watching

Lemur watching

Honeymoon holiday and water sports

Wildlife watching

Photography tour

Land of contrasts

Cultural tour

Overland tour


Luxury hotel


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